Deep Cleaning










What Services Do you Need?
Deep Cleaning: For those who want their home cleaned top to bottom. Best for first time customers!
Green Cleaning: Most of our cleaning supplies are eco- friendly. if you prefer that we use 100% green cleaning supplies please let us know by email or text message. We will be happy to do it.
All professionals are experienced, background-checked, fully bonded, and come fully equipped to your appointment with premium cleaning supplies & equipment .
Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Mirrors
  • Baseboards, Window Ledges
  • Dusting
  • Light Switches, Door Knobs
  • Vacuuming and/or Mopping
  • Trash


  • Stove Top and Stove Fan
  • Microwave
  • Counter-tops
  • Outside of Appliances
  • Sinks
  • All Surfaces
  • Outside of Cabinets


  • Outside of Cabinets
  • Sinks
  • Countertops
  • Mirror and light fixtures
  • Tubs/Showers
  • Baseboards

Additional Services

  • Interior Windows
  • Interior Fridge
  • Interior Cabinets (empty)
  • Interior Oven