• We sent you an estimate, it’s means that price is compatible with the information that you sent to us, if the condition change, or its requested more services or the place is dirtier we can chage the estimateor apply our hourly fee of 50/hr per person.
  • We have a cancellation fee under 30 hours before the cleaning of $80 and $100 for a deep cleaning, subject to collection agencies; due the fact we won’t be able to fill the gap under short notice and still have employees to pay.
  • Run the dishwasher, washer and dryer to finish before we arrive so we can storage your dishes and put fresh clean bedsheets and make your bed.
  • Pick up mostly of toys (lego parts too, they damage the vaccum and can result in extra charges) and pet toys too.
  • Pick up some of the clutter out of the way, so we can clean more and better.
  • Flush the toilets (yes, you!)
  • If possible, turn off the heating, we do a physical job and gets quite hot.
  • We take out all the trash and recycling, but please do not accumulate weeks of trash and boxes to brake all at once, it take more time and physical effort.
  • We do not offer servicess on high reach areas (more than 2 step ladder)
  • We do not do laundry or fold.
  • Home office is fine, we can clean the office/ desk first, just use headsets, the vaccum makes noise.
  • We do not clean housess with any infestation like bedbugs, fleas or clean animal waste.
  • Breaking or loss: If theres a breaking or loss during the cleaning, a notification must be made within 24 hours so we can make the arrengements, any refunds are not exceed the cost of the service provided.
  • We don’t clean thin plastic or alluminium blinds (light dust only) or upholstery.
  • For move-out cleaning, we do spot cleaning in the wall, spots only we do not wash or fill holes or paint.